Flurry Analytics - Setting up to View App Activity

How to:

  1. Here are the instructions to see your App Activity in Flurry.  
  2. Select the App Activity tab on the left
  1. (highlighted in orange on the screenshot)
  1. Ensure you are Selecting From All Apps on the top left drop down (highlighted in green on the screenshot)
  2. From the top boxes with the word +APP or App group enter Sandlot and select the app name (highlighted in red on the screenshot)
  1.      a.  There is one for both iOS and Android
  2.      b.  Choosing just one (iOS or Android) to look at at a time will
  3.      allow for a totals summary across the top
  1. You can also adjust the date range in the top right (highlighted in pink on the screenshot)

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@migym.com

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