1. Creating a new Calendar in your Google Account.

  • On your computer, open Google Calendar.
  • On the left side of the page, Select Add Calendar .
  • To the right of "Add calendar," click the 3 dots     

New Calendar

  • Name your Calendar- Please include the gym name and location
  • Description: add a description so you know what this calendar is for.  Suggestion MiGym App
  • Time zone: set your time zone
  • Choose the blue button Create calendar.

Once you have created your calendar we need to update the Settings (and sharing) for this calendar.

Visit the Calendar Settings page Section Access permissions

  • Check the box next to "Make available to public"
  • Make sure "See all event details" is selected.

Next , Share with specific people

Choose the blue text +Add people 

Pop up window - it is very important you add this MiGym email address

Add email or name: admin.migym@migymapp.com 

Permissions: set to Make changes and manage sharing

Choose the blue SEND button

Creating Events

Follow the steps in this article (Event Descriptions) to learn about more Google Calendar features you can take advantage of. 

Calendar Name:

Please name your calendar to include the Name of your Organization and Location. Example: MiGym - Denver

This will help us locate your calendar to ensure the calendar is linked up properly.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@migym.com

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