The MiGym Bulk Import APIs allows MiGym to automatically pull various feeds of information from your club management system. Feeds must be in the specified format for each type of content. The feeds must also be placed in a publicly accessible location on the internet. MiGym will retrieve your data every 30 minutes and load it into the MiGym servers. Feeds can either be set up as one file containing all locations' data or as a separate CSV file for each location. The following rules must be followed for all feeds:

  • All feeds must be in the supported CSV file formats minus the header row, with a new line character at the end of every line
  • There should be a separate CSV file for each location. Each location/CSV file should be accessible via a web URL.
  • Quotes should not be placed around the content in the CSV files.
  • The header row should not be included in the CSV file. Please note which fields are marked as required and optional. For any optional fields, you must still include the "," delimiter

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