How to Use the Home Screen Gallery

How to

1. Login to with your username and password.
2. Select the Location you want to add your Home Screen images to from the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand corner.
3. Select the 'HOME SCREEN' tab highlighted in orange.

Home Screen Configuration:

This tile cycles through a series of gallery images. Most clubs set this to 2 rows high and 3 columns wide. Image resolution should be at least 300px in each direction for each row or column. Example: a tile with 2 rows by 3 columns should have images about 600px high by 900px wide.

  • Choose 'ADD NEW TILE' button as shown below.
  • In the pop-up window chose the tile Home Screen Gallery
  • This will then place a large gray square to the left in the App layout.
  • Select this large gray square and to the right, you now have the ability to add images to your Home Screen Gallery.
  • Choose Add New Image, and then Choose File to select the image on your computer you want to add.
  • Once the images are added, you can now move this Home Screen Gallery into place, where you want it to show up on the app by dragging and dropping this tile.
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