Why does the app request access to my location?

Do you collect or save my location?

What we DON'T DO:
- We don't track your location
- We don't save your contacts to our servers or modify your contacts
- We don't look at your text messages
- We don't make calls on your phone
- We don't spy on your calendar

Here's what we DO with the permissions:
- Find your current location so we can show you the gyms closest to you (but, we don't save this).  This gets called only on the screens where we need this - like the "Change Locations" screen.
- We see if you have Google Play so that we can use location services to get your location
- Pull up your contacts so you can notify them when you go to the gym or attend a class
- Allow you to send a text message or email to a friend for the same reasons as above (and we'll never send these "silently" - you can always review them and cancel out)
- Use your phone to dial the gym's phone number, email them, or go to their website when you tap on their number, email address or web link
- Add gym classes to your calendar so you can see it on your calendar and get reminders.  Again, you have control whether you want to do this or not
- Run a background process check for messages for fit friends (runs intermittently and typically consumes less than 5% of CPU for a day).  We check when the app has booted so that we can start this process
- Allow you to take a picture to use on your FitFriends profile

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@migym.com

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